We are a research group focusing on computational condensed matter physics, using density functional theory, effective Hamiltonian, statistical physics, transport theory and computational techniques to investigate materials of fundamental and technological interests. We are particularly interested in the first-principles-based studies of ferroelectrics, multiferroics, thermoelectric properties, and structural transformations.

We are located at the city center of Suzhou, formerly romanized as Soochow, which is a major city of East China (close to Shanghai) and home of the well-known classical gardens. We are looking for passionate new Master and PhD students to join the team (contact information below)!


2. January 2019

Joined Soochow University as a professor in the School of Physical Science and Technology!

23. November 2018

Colloaborated paper published on Adv. Funct. Mater. with Prof. Xiang Ming Chen.

19. November 2018

New paper published on Phys. Rev. B.

7. March 2018

APS March Meeting in LA. My talk 'Designing Lead-Free Antiferroelectrics for Energy Storage' is on Wednesday!

5. Feb 2018

Contributed to Miao's new JACS paper.

28. - 31. January 2018

FERRO 2018 Annual Workshop in Washington DC. My talk 'Spin cycloids in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films' is on Tuesday!

20. October 2017

Colloquium talk given at the Department of Physics, University of Arkansas. 'Novel applications of ferroelectrics: towards artificial neural network & energy storage'

11. July 2017

Contributed to Miao's new JACS paper.

5. - 9. September 2017

IMF2017 meeting in San Antonio. My talk is on Tuesday!

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